Busting 4 EV Myths: What Kia Is Doing to Make Electric Vehicles Accessible?

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For years, the idea of electric vehicles has been anticipated, and now it is finally becoming a reality; this means there are more options available than ever before.

From economical cars for short distances to luxurious SUVs that can handle long trips as well as high-performance hypercars - plus everything in between -- those who strive towards being environmentally conscious have an array of choices at their disposal.

Even though 82% of Canadians have never been in an electric vehicle (EV), it can be hard to imagine them becoming a regular feature on driveways across Canada. To discover what Kia is doing to entice more drivers into EVs, an interview with Michael Kopke, Marketing Director for Kia Motors.

Our research revealed four common issues and misunderstandings keeping Canadians from transitioning to electric vehicles which may not be shocking: access to charging stations, the amount of time it takes for a full charge, how far an EV can travel on one recharge, and cost.

Range Anxiety

Kopke suggests that the simplest way to handle anxiety around driving is to understand it as a normal and familiar experience. He states that since people are habituated to being in cars and stopping at gas stations regularly from childhood, there should be no cause for alarm when getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

Kia is working hard to help alleviate range anxiety with a campaign featuring social media influencers. These EV drivers will go through their daily lives and share what it's like behind the wheel of an electric car with all of their followers.

Charging Availability

Kopke commented that although there isn't a visible charging station on every corner like gas stations, there are far more plugs available than pumps. Fifty percent of Canadians who previously stated they would not consider an EV cited the difficulty in finding charging stations or being unable to install one at home as their concern.

Kia is taking a two-fold approach to help clear up any doubts about charging. To begin with, we have created a website dedicated to informing people on the matter. Secondly, our ambassador program will show that it's not difficult for you to switch over and get going in your new car!

Charging Times

Kopke pointed out that the majority of cars are not in use most of the time, so you can take advantage and charge them whenever they come to a stop. This way you won't need to worry about going out of your way to fill up with gas.

Road trips are a great way to go on an adventure. Kopke mentions that 500 km, from Montreal to Toronto, is something many people do and it's possible thanks to rest stops with fast chargers along major corridors. You don't have to fill up your car every time either - Kia vehicles (and other EVs) can take about an hour or less for the battery level to reach around 80%, allowing you to get back out traveling in no time!

Cost of Ownership

Although regular maintenance is still necessary for electric cars, such as checking the fluids, filters, brakes, and suspension just like with any car; it's much less thorough than what gasoline or diesel cars require with oil changes being needed more often.

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