Kia celebrates the Stinger, its original performance model, with special edition vehicles.

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Canadians fell in love with Kia's Stinger when introduced to the market in 2018. The vehicle is unique and offers something that no other car can - a stylish and powerful performance sedan. Now available as a special edition model, the Tribute Edition of the Stinger promises to deliver an even more impressive driving experience than ever before!

This special Tribute Edition celebrates all that the vehicle has achieved for Kia. With only 1000 units made in total. It is truly unique and a must-have for any fan of this model. Its design was inspired by its athletic confidence and strong profile when first introduced to drivers everywhere; now commemorated in an exclusive version that you won't want to miss.

The Kia Stinger helped make a name for Kia, according to Chief Operating Officer Elias El-Achhab. It was the car, that elevated their brand with its impressive performance and stylish design. Now they have created an even more special edition of this beloved model for fans everywhere!

A celebration of "firsts" and a hint at what's to come

The Stinger from Kia Canada was a major milestone for the company, as it featured a 3.3L twin-turbo engine that made it their most powerful and fastest vehicle yet. In addition, this was Kia's very first sedan with all-wheel drive capabilities, and ended up winning The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada's (AJAC) Canadian Car of the Year - another huge success!

In addition, the Stinger was perfected at the Nürburgring race track where it underwent 9600 km of testing. To ensure its performance in cold temperatures, further, development took place during winter tests conducted in Sweden and on Kia's California Proving Grounds.

El-Achhab emphasizes that Kia has put its utmost dedication and hard work into creating the Stinger. The car was originally a concept vehicle, yet it is now widely recognized for being an important part of Kia's successful legacy in Canada.

The Stinger has served as a cornerstone for Kia's brand-new vehicle lineup. It marked an exciting development in terms of the company's design and performance, which is now exemplified by the EV6 - along with its top-performing version, the EV6 GT - representing Kia's new identity under their Plus S strategy. The Stinger started it all off regarding Kia's journey to high-performance automobiles; meanwhile, the newest model (EV6 GT) serves as an access point into this electrifying period of enhanced drive quality.

Setting higher standards

The Stinger Tribute Edition takes the already impressive 3.3L turbo GT-Elite AWD model and adds unique touches to create an athletic, luxurious sport sedan as you've never seen before!

Upgrade your ride with our exclusive Moonscape matte grey exterior paint, bringing a sharp elegance to the car. Our distinctive high gloss black side mirrors add an extra touch of sophistication. The Stinger Tribute Edition boasts a sleek and stylish design with attention-grabbing features that exude luxury and sophistication. The fenders are adorned with a dark chrome finish that perfectly complements the glossy black lightweight 19-inch wheels. Adding a touch of flair, the Brembo calipers feature bold red lettering, elevating the overall aesthetic.


The interior of the Tribute Edition offers a luxurious experience with Terracotta Brown seating surfaces and brown stitching accents throughout the cabin. The upper console panel features subtle carbon touches, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the headrests are seamlessly integrated with a Tribute emblem, which further emphasizes the exclusivity of the vehicle.


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