Was the EV9 Inspired by Kia's Compact SUV?

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Kia is making great strides in the electrification of its lineup. The newest model, the EV9 three-row crossover, offers a variety of features that will be sure to please customers. Its striking visual design draws from other popular Kia vehicles, such as the Soul - making it an attractive choice for those looking for style and performance under one hood!

The 2024 Kia EV9 has been designed with features inspired by the popular Kia Soul.

Kia has recently introduced a new and innovative vehicle, the EV9. This three-row crossover SUV has garnered significant attention from automotive experts. The renowned industry expert J.D. Power has been particularly impressed with the vehicle and has expressed high praise for its remarkable design.

Rather than simply copying a successful design, many car companies have chosen to be innovative when it comes to designing EVs. For example, Kia opted for something new and crafted from scratch with their EV9 model - resulting in a distinctively unique look.

The EV9 is not completely one-of-a-kind since it has some design elements that are reminiscent of Kia's Soul, an iconic small SUV. Although the models don't look identical to each other, they both have dynamic angular lines and a unique rectangular shape which makes them immediately recognizable.

The EV9 features a stunning design with its eye-catching floating roof and stylish vertical taillights located on the rear pillars as well as under the back window.

The distinct design of the Kia Soul has been instrumental in its success.

The Soul is a great source of inspiration when it comes to designing SUVs. Many car buyers feel that the models in this segment all look too similar, so vehicles like the Soul can stand out by challenging those design conventions.

The Soul's unique characteristics have been the key to its success over the past 10 years. Now that electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, other car companies are striving to produce their lineups of EVs. It can be hard for new models to stand out amongst similar ones; however, drawing inspiration from the iconic design of the Soul for Kia's EV9 model could help this delightful electric vehicle make a name for itself just like its predecessors did.

Designing cars is challenging because the appeal of a design can't be objectively assessed. There are no hard and fast rules to measure styling, as consumer preferences always shift too. Therefore, it's difficult to determine if Kia will benefit from the EV9's Soul-inspired elements since reactions could differ among electric vehicle shoppers.

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