How to Survive Holiday Parking Chaos

Everyone loves the holiday season, but on the other hand, it can be difficult for drivers to find suitable parking spaces for their vehicles. Especially when you're trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one and it's time to go to the mall. The only problem is that the parking lot is full and you can't find a place. 

There are some easy things we can do to make our lives much easier. For example, we can avoid doing things that would make us stressed out and anxious during the holidays. If we do this, then we can enjoy the joy of family time instead of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

If you follow these tips, not only will your blood pressure be lower, but it may also help the people around you.

Avoid the Cross-Lot Hustle

Parking in a mall parking lot is different than on a racetrack. You are not going to be able to get there first by speeding up because someone else will always beat you to it. And if you try to speed up, you might have an accident involving another car or pedestrian.

If you are struggling to find a space close to the mall, consider parking on the outskirts of the parking lot. You may be able to find a space quicker and then walk to the mall rather than spend time circling to find a spot. If you notice that even the outer areas of the parking lot are full, you may need to try finding parking at a different location entirely.

Beware the Second-Spot Spill-Over

When it comes to parking at this time of year, be aware that there are hundreds of others looking for a spot. Chances are that the first spot you come across will already have been taken by another car. Though it may be tempting, do your best to resist the urge to slide your car in next to them.

Even if you think you can fit your car into the remaining space, make sure to account for the extra room you'll need to exit the vehicle and load your purchases when you return. Also, keep in mind that you'll need enough space to back out of the parking spot.

If you're dreading long checkout lines and complicated transactions this holiday season, try to remember that taking your time and being careful can help ease some of that stress. Parking with care, for example, is one less thing you'll have to worry about if things take longer than expected.

Holiday Parking Lot Safety Tips

While parking during the holiday season, remember to remain aware of your surroundings. The holiday months bring colder and more dangerous weather conditions, causing slick roadways and walkways. In addition to parking lot collisions and crashes involving vehicles, parking lot slips and falls can also cause life-changing injuries. 

Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind this holiday season:

To avoid becoming a victim of a crime while holiday shopping, take the following precautions when choosing and parking in your vehicle: 

  • - Park in a well-lit area to deter criminals. 
  • - Be aware of secluded or hidden areas where someone could easily approach your car without being seen. 
  • - Do not leave valuables or packages visible inside your car. The trunk is the best place to store them out of sight. 
  • - If you plan on making multiple stops, consider taking big-ticket items home first before running additional errands. 
  • - Always lock your doors upon entering and exiting the vehicle even if you're stepping away for a moment. 
  • - When walking through the parking lot: -be aware of people around you and what they're doing.
  • - Avoid using cell phones as this can make you an easy target.
  • - Have a key ready in hand so that you can quickly get to your car.

Have a safe and delightful Holiday Season!

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