Recommended Service Schedule

Canada is considered a 'severe weather' climate. Be ready to face the harsh Canadian climate with our recommended service schedule for your Kia.

Recommended service should occur every 6,000 km or every 6 months, or as indicated in the 'Severe Weather Schedule' that can be found in your Owner's Manual.

Why should you service your Kia?

It is important for you and your Kia to service your vehicle according to the provided Recommended Service Schedule. With regular maintenance, your Kia will maintain Warranty Coverage, ensures a higher vehicle resale, will help you save money by helping you prevent costly repairs, and most importantly it will extend the life of your Kia.

Kia Stouffville's Service Department

At Kia Stouffville, we are committed to providing exceptional service for every Kia that comes into our Service Department. Our Service Department is stocked full of knowledgable staff on hand to answer all of our questions, perform diagnostics on your vehicle, and provide fast and friendly service every time. Genuine Kia service can be found at Kia Stouffville.